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US Online Retail Sales will reach over 200 Billion in 2006

Online retail sales has been steadily growing on an average of 25% every year.

Faster and lower cost Internet connections, combined with highly affordable computers made it possible for over 85% of US households to have used the Internet and researched on products online.

Also helping the steady retail sales growth on the Internet, are the enormous online resources available for comparing products and pricing, finding just the right ecommerce site to make a purchase, and the convenience of shopping for the best available price.

Many people enjoy the sales tax savings when purchasing online, and also the great availability and selection of manufacturers and vendors.

Here are some of the main reasons why consumers and businesses prefer shopping online:

1. Better pricing
2. Larger product selections
3. Convenient, easy to shop around for selection of different vendors and best prices
4. Many product review resources
5. Effortless product comparison

Studies show that US Retail sales will reach over 300 billion in 2010.

Year 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010
Billions $96 $140 $170 $200 $230 $260 $290 $330

 US Online Retail Sales in Billions from 2003 till projected 2010

There are several categories that show better performance than the others.
Our survey shows that high tech products such as digital cameras, camcorders, computer hardware and software, networking & accessories won the battle of the most item sold in that category the second largest sales was in the was in the music, books, CDs, DVDs & video games category.

Here are some rough statistics of different categories and their percentage of sales for 2006.


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