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CashCowCart Security Implementation Policy

The following is the Security and Privacy Implementation of CashCowCart™ e-commerce Servers ("Server") and CashCowCart™ Software, a product of Comentum Corporation ("Comentum".) The purpose of this policy is to set forth the implementation guide of CashCowCart™ security and privacy policy implementation. CashCowCart™ e-commerce Terms of Use is the actual contract between Comentum and its clients and/or CashCowCart operators, and refers to this policy as Comentum's agreement concerning its e-commerce implementation policy.

Comentum and CashCowCart™ Security Statement
Comentum is committed in providing the latest available and possible security implementation technologies through its web site and its e-commerce products including CashCowCart™ software. Comentum continues to evaluate the new security enhancement that becomes available and implement them as soon as possible.

Servers Physical Security
Comentum's e-commerce servers are maintained and fully monitored at Comentum's data center locations. Comentum's Data Center utilizes multi-layer security control procedures and security systems and 24 hour monitoring.

Servers OS Security
Comentum implements firewall and installs anti-virus and regularly updates the latest security patches on its e-commerce servers.

Servers Login Access
Administration and/or root login access to Comentum's e-commerce servers and/or CashCowCart™ database servers is limited to essential and trusted staff and is limited to the IP range inside Comentum's locations with the best practice user and password policy set forth by Comentum. Comentum uses varies background check and proven methods to determine which staff can gain access to manage and update its e-commerce servers. The essential staff with login access must be employed by Comentum for at least two years. Comentum does not contract its server administration and management to outside independent contractors.

Servers Access Transmission Methods
Transmission access methods to Comentum's e-commerce servers administration and managements of user data is restricted via password and are required to be in the form of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) 128 bit encryption.

Payment Information and Checkout process
CashCowCart™ requires and uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption when sensitive information (such as payment information and passwords) are being entered and/or digitally transmitted over the Internet and/or any other communications method. CashCowCart™ does not display and/or output payment information into user’s browsers even after a secure login.

Payment Information and Storage
By default CashCowCart™ does not permanently store payment information on its servers. All payment information and financial data are directly passed to payment gateway company’s server via SSL connection for processing. If a valid and special requirement exist to store payment information for a CashCowCart™ operator (“Operator”), Comentum enforces the following storage policies and requirements:

  • Operator has a merchant account that does not support payment gateway.
• Operator has a valid reason for not using a payment gateway and is not using a payment gateway.
• CashCowCart™ encrypts and hashes payment information for storage.
• Payment information will only stay on CashCowCart™ servers for one week from the first entry date and will automatically be removed after one week.
• All digital transmission of payment information is executed via SSL (Secure Socket Layer) 128 bit encryption.



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